Rushmore Casino belongs to the group of RTG casinos, which until not so long ago used to accept US players. Before we get any deeper into this review, potential players should be aware of the fact that the Rushmore Casino and some of the casinos belonging to the Rushpod Investments Group, have been blacklisted by several online casino reviewers. Apparently, problems with player withdrawals began quite a while ago in these casinos. Several reports of payment incidents have surfaced, in which players claimed that they had to wait more than a month to receive any sort of monies from their casinos. These tardy payments were said to have been capped at a maximum of $2,000 as well. Soon after these reports surfaced, many of the casinos disappeared off the radar, prompting several of the more serious online casino reviewers to pull them from their pages.

As an RTG casino, Rushmore Casino theoretically still accepts US traffic. The site isn’t exactly known for its generous game selection, but despite the fact that most of its serious competitors have it topped in this respect, it still offers more than 100 games, which is more than enough for an average online gambler to handle. The casino games are the usual bunch: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and slots are all covered, but what players used to love best about this casino were its generous progressive jackpots.

Rushmore Casino used to offer a rather diverse selection of welcome bonuses to its new players. The most attractive of these bonuses was the 400% match one, directed at online slots players. Needless to say, the apparently massive value behind the bonus was duly offset by the increased house edge on the slot machines. All of Rushmore Casino’s bonuses were sticky ones. Apparently, although we can definitely not confirm this, VIPs at Rushmore Casino used to have their own personalized support, available 24/7.

Although the Casino features a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, it appears that actual player withdrawals used to be extremely slow, in stark contrast with the deposits which landed in player accounts pretty much instantly. Although the casino does not actually advertise or even admit it, according to player reports, there is a $2,000 maximum cap on withdrawals. That of course is not something that is likely to gain the sympathy of a player who joins the casino with hopes of being able win thousands and thousands of dollars.

The bottom line: Rushmore Casino is pretty much defunct these days, therefore going into details on its software and payout percentages is a rather moot point.

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